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Wild Australia: The Edge | Music by Nigel Westlake 23/07/2010

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Wild Australia: The Edge | Music by Nigel Westlake

Tall Poppies | TP 085

Track Listing:
01. The Blue Labyrinth (5:01)
02. The Edge (4:26)
03. Kanangra (3:32)
04. Wilderness is a Spell (3:43)
05. Jurassic Survivors (1:22)
06. When I am Laid (Purcell/ Westlake) (3:55)
07. Creatures of the Plateau (2:54)
08. Candangra Spirit (David Hudson)(2:02)
09. Forest of Ferns (1:37)
10. Remnants of the Wild Young Earth (5:48)
total time: 34:45

music by Nigel Westlake
David Hudson: didgeridoo
Emma Lysons: soprano
Michael Askill: percussion
Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra, Carl Vine, conductor
Sydney Contemporary Singers, Elliott Gyger, conductor

Orchestra recorded in the Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Melbourne
Soprano, didgeridoo and choir recorded in the National Acoustics Laboratory’s Reverberation Chamber
Percussion recorded at the University of Western Sydney
Sound Engineer: Christo Curtis
Producer: Nigel Westlake
Mixing and editing: Rimshot Studios, St. Albans NSW
Mastering: Don Bartley at EMI Studios 301
Production manager: Jan Loquet Westlake
Publisher: Rimshot Music (APRA)
Many thanks to: John & Susanne Weiley, Nick Holmes, Robert Whittingham, Sue Curtis, Jim Atkins, Ron Layton, John Dennison, Tony Vaccher and Chris Poynton
B&K 6003 studio microphones by courtesy of Leon Hart of Studio Supplies
Still photography: Ray Jarrat

You can order this CD directly from the Tall Poppies Records web-site


Galapagos | Music by Mark Isham 22/06/2010

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Milan Records | 35910-2

01. Galapagos (02:07)
02. The Expedition of a Lifetime (03:34)
03. Underground Cathedral (02:15)
04. The Giant Tortoise (03:24)
05. Sea Lions & the Imps of Darkness (03:40)
06. The Wonders that Lie Below (08:31)
07. Voyage Into the Unknown (08:40)
08. Galapagos (reprise) (05:09)
09. A Little World Within Themselves (02:36)

Total time: 39: 56

Music composed and produced: Mark Isham
Music conducted and orchestrated: Ken Kugler
Music Mixer: Stephen Kraus
Music mixing assistant: Jason LaRocca
Music contractor: David Low
Music preparation: Janice Hayen and Cindy O’Connor
Soloist: Steve Kuala – flute, George Deering – acoustic guitar
Music recording: Alan Meyerson and Jason LaRocca at Wed Dog Studio/Sound chamber recorders


This soundtrack is available from:

Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets | Music by Bill Conti 06/02/2010

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Private release | no number


Antarctica | Music by Nigel Westlake 05/02/2010

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Tall Poppies; TP012

Track Listing:
01. Yearning for the continent (3:19)
02. The last place on earth (5:48)
03. Penguin play (2:44)
04. Threnody (1:39)
05. Penguin circus (2:00)
06. Canyons of ice (1:51)
07. Meltponds/ Dry calleys/ The ice core (7:14)
08. Scott’s theme (1:05)
09. Wooden ships (1:39)
10. At the pole (2:19)
11. Scott’s theme (1:50)
12. Finale (3:18)
13. Postlude (1:39)
total time: 36:59

music composed by Nigel Westlake
Music Production: Nigel Westlake
Film Music Editor: Nicholas Holmes
Recording engineer: Craig Preston
1st Assistant engineer: Tom Quarmby
2nd Assistant engineer: Julie Gardiner
Fairlight technician: Andrew Bell
Music coordinator: Jan Loquet

special thanks to Brett, Michael, Robyn, and Jacquetta at Rhino


You can order this CD directly from the Tall Poppies Records web-site

Kilimanjaro: To The Roof Of Africa | Music by Alan Williams 27/01/2010

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Four Winds Trading;  FW8021


Race for Atlantis – The IMAX 3D Ride | Music by Gary Guttman 21/06/2009

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© 1998 Forum Ride Associates

Track Listing:
01. the fountain chamber (2:43)
02. the heavens (7:47)
03. race for atlantis (3:39)
04. the victory procession (1:42)

total time: 15:51

Composed and orchestrated by Gary Guttman
Produced by: Ted King
Soundtrack produced by: James Fielden and Ted King

Race for Atlantis in IMAX 3D:
Director: Arish Fyzee
Executive Producer: Barry Kemper
Senior Producer: Hart Getzen

Race for Atlantis is the first IMAX 3D Simulator Ride on the planet. Pindar, your guide, takes you on a fantastic journey through the lost city in search of the ring that will save the mystical kingdom from the evil Ghastlius. Projected onto the largest IMAX domed screen ever constructed for an attraction, the experience surrounds your visual and auditory senses- immersing you in a sight, sound and motion phenomenon beyond your wildest imagination.

This soundtrack CD was only available at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is unkown if it’s still in print. You might be able to find it here:

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The Discoverers | Music by Steve Wood 21/06/2009

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Benaji Production CD; BPCD 2716

Track Listing:
01. Opening Montage (2:50)
Ferdinand Magellan:
02. Mapmaker (1:11)
03. The Voyage (1:32)
04. Penguins (1:00)
05. Ice Fields (3:03)
Dr. Ellen Stofan (JPL):
06. Magellan Spacecraft (1:17)
07. First Message (2:20)
08. Venus Fly-By (3:39)
Maria Sautuola (Altamira):

09. Maria (:50)
10. Chase/Ancient Bison (1:45)
Dr. Louis Herman
(Dolphin Intelligence):
11. Kewalo Basin (:53)
12. Akeakamai (1:03)
13a. Their World (1:19)
Isaac Newton:
13b. Babington (:53)
14. Prisms (1:02)
15. White Rainbow (1:03)
Dr. Robert Eather

(Aurora Borealis)
16. Alaska Flight (4:01)
17. The Sun (1:14)
18. Aurora/Final Montage (3:41)

total time: 35:19

Music composed by Steve Wood
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Steve Wood at Benaji Studio, Laguna Beach, CA
Mastered by Doug Doyle

Steve Wood: Sythesizers and Sampled Percussion
Brent Lewis: Percussion
Jamey Haddad: Additional Percussion
Joe Stone: Woodwinds
Michael Hamilton: Guitar
Frank Simpson: Penny Whistle
Kenny Loggins: Wacky Monks
Vocalists: Sue Bredice, Beth Fichet, Kate McGarry, and Carolyn Miller

This soundtrack CD was produced in 1993 and initially limited to 1000 copies. It has been reissued and is now available at:

Wolves | Music by Michel Cusson 21/06/2009

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Silver Wave Records / SD 920
Track Listing:
01. Sawtooth Mountain (3:27)
02. Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya (5:09) (The Counterclockwise Circle Dance) (Sacred Spirits)
03. Aeolian Wind (1:45)
04. Wolves (3:07)
05. Peyote Healing (6:09) (Robbie Robertson with Primeaux and Mike)
06. In The Wild (0:38) (Wolf howls recorded by Jim Brandenburg, mixed by Mickey Houlihan)*
07. Deer Dance (3:52) (Joanne Shenandoah with Lawrence Laughing) *
08. Musk Ox (1:09)
09. Koani (1:33)
10. The Whole Night Sky (3:48) (Bruce Cockburn)*
11. North Fork Wolves in the Midnight Rain (2:24) (Paul Winter with Wolves of the North Fork Pack)*
12. Silent Wolf (2:49) (Mary Youngblood)*
13. Kami (0:52)
14. Death of a Legend (overture) (0:59)
15. Wind and Wolves (0:31) (Wolf howls recorded by Jim Brandenburg, mixed by Mickey Houlihan) *
16. The Wolf and the Bear (1:57)
17. Spirit of Winonah (4:06) (Andy Quinn)
18. The Whippoorwill (4:07) (Walela ~ Rita Coolidge, Priscilla Coolidge & Laura Satterfield) *
19. Death of a Legend (1:25)
total time: 49:59

Original Film Score by Michel Cusson
* Additional Songs for CD release, not included in the film
Produced by Claude Carmichael and James Marienthal
Executive Producer: James Marienthal
Cover Art and Photography courtesy of Wolfco Productions
CD Book Design: Valerie Sanford
Digital Editing by Mickey Houlihan at Wind Over The Earth
Digital Mastering by Dave Glasser at Air Show

This soundtrack is currently available at:

El Pueblo Del Sol | Music by Lee Holdridge 21/06/2009

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Bay Cities/ BCD 1031

Track Listing:
01. Fiesta del Sol (Festival of the Sun) (3:56)
02. Latir de Progreso (Pulse Of Progress) (1:11)
03. Paisajes (Landscapes) (6:54):
– Haciendas
– Naturaleza (Nature)
– Industria (Industry)
04. Culturas Antiguas (Ancient Cultures) (2:58)
05. Mosaico Turístico (Mosaic of Tourism) (3:49)
06. Sueños (Dreams) (1:47)
07. Interludio (Interlude) (1:37)
08. Orígines (Origins) (3:32)
09. Estampas Históricas (Historic Moments) (2:41):
– La Independencia (Independence)
– Intervenciones Extranjeras (Foreign Interventions)
– El Porfiriato – Vals (The Era of Porfirio – Waltz)
10. La Gran Tenochtitlan (includes excerpts of “Huapango” by José Pablo Moncayo) (3:29)
11. Cuadro Final (Final Scene) (7:23):
– Cielos Misteriosos (Mysterious Sky)
– Serenata Nostálgica (Nostalgic Serenade)
– Allegro Vigoroso (Vigorous Allegro)
– Fiesta del Sol

total time: 39:43

Music composed and conducted by Lee Holdridge
Performed by The London Symphony Orchestra
Album produced by Ricardo Sánchez Guadarrama for FONAPAS
Recording Engineer: Eric Tomlinson
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
Executive producers for Bay Cities: Bruce Kimmel and Alain Silver
Projects director: Nick Redman
Digital mastering: Daniel Hersch, DigiPrep
Cover photograph: Keet Seel Ruins by Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward
Back cover: Uxmal by James Paris; Guadalajara by Linda Brookover
Graphic artist: Karen Stone

This soundtrack from the Bay Cities catalog is out of print and might be available from these merchants:

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Momentum | Music by Eldon Rathburn 21/06/2009

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© 1992 National Film Board of Canada

Track Listing:
01. Majestic Scene (4:13)
02. Seascape with Lights (1:52)
03. Flamenco Scene (0:50)
04. Northern Mystery (2:11)
05. Spanish March – Cancan (0:50)
06. Western Scene (1:33)
07. Vista Heroique (2:31)
08. Boogie and Blues (2:20)
09. Momentum Waltz (1:28)

total time: 17:28

Music composed and conducted by Eldon Rathburn
With the collaboration of the musicians of l’Orchestre Métropolitain du Grand Montréal
Recorded at l’église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre
Music recording and mixing: Louis Hone
Flamenco sequence: Michael Laucke and his group Fiesta Flamenco
Recording Facilities: Le Studio Mobile: Guillaume Bengle, Renée Marc-Aurèle
Mixing facilities: Studio 2, NFB/

This CD was released by the National Film Board of Canada to accompany the release of their IMAX film at the Expo’92 in Seville, Spain. It was released for promotional purposes only and is extremely difficult to find. It’s maybe the toughest IMAX soundtrack to locate these days; try your luck at:

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